Teeth can become yellow, stained or discoloured by various staining foods and drinks, due to natural ageing where the dentin begins to show through or if the enamel of the tooth is worn away or stained. Stained and discoloured teeth are a common complaint that we at All Smiles Dentist receive and can affect one's self-confidence a lot. With professional teeth whitening, we can enhance the appearance of your smile and give you the real "pearly whites" you are after.

While all teeth whitening methods are similar in concept, professional in-office teeth whitening is the most efficient and effective due to the concentration of the solution and how it is applied to the teeth.


During your first visit with your All Smiles Dentist, your mouth and teeth will be examined to find the cause of discolouration or stains. In some cases, discolouration may be due to the internal and structural health of the tooth itself. In these cases, the tooth may need other more permanent options such as veneers or dental crowns.

The whitening process

If the discolouration is merely due to stains, your dentist will prepare your mouth for teeth whitening by doing a professional teeth cleaning. A protective barrier will then be applied to your gums to protect them during the whitening. Your dentist will then apply the whitening solution to the teeth and use a UV/laser light to cure the solution as the solution responds to the subtle wavelengths of the light system.

Your dentist will discuss what you can expect after, how many shades lighter you would like to go and how many sessions may be needed to reach the desired effect. Since no method of teeth whitening is permanent, your dentist will also discuss the maintenance or "touch-ups" you would need for a prolonged effect.