Sports dentistry is a field that focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the mouth and teeth that occur due to sports participation. The teeth, jaws, associated soft tissues, facial muscles, and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) make up the stomatognathic system. An anatomical and functional system. Sports dentistry is one of dentistry's newest and most promising fields. It primarily focuses on the prevention and treatment of orofacial injuries and disorders connected with athletics. A sports or team dentist can help athletes with mouth injury prevention, treatment, and diagnosis.

Wearing basic protective gear such as correctly fitting helmets, face masks, and mouth guards is the most critical factor in reducing sports-related orofacial injuries. Maintaining good dental health might help you perform better and avoid injuries. Many athletes are unaware of the health risks associated with a traumatic mouth injury or the possibility of suffering severe head and orofacial injuries while playing. A dentist can help athletes, coaches, and patients understand the importance of preventing orofacial injuries in sports.

Mouthguards & Bite Guards form the two most important oral protection aids.

Mouthguards are best for athletes involved in contact sports that involve falls, body contact or flying equipment. This includes rugby, hockey, soccer, boxing, skateboarding, gymnastics, wrestling, extreme sports and mountain biking. They are designed to cover the upper teeth and protect against injuries to the face and mouth and damage to the teeth. Mouthguards are extremely important for anyone participating in a contact sport.

Bite guards should be used by anyone who practices bodybuilding, yoga, pilates and other non-contact sports. Bite guards cover the tips and back of the teeth and do not cause the upper lip to push forward. They are used to prevent grinding of the teeth during strenuous exercise in which we grit our teeth to get through heavy lifts or tension movements.

A mouthguard/bite guard should fit securely, allow for easy breathing and speaking and be comfortable. While there are different types of mouthguards for sport, a proper fitting custom made mouthguard can significantly reduce damage to the face and teeth. As dentists, we strongly advise investing in a professional-grade mouthguard made by a dentist to keep your teeth and smile safe. We at All Smiles Dentist can assist you in taking impressions of your mouth as well as the fabrication of a custom-made mouthguard for sport.