Crown lengthening is a dental procedure done to fix a "gummy smile" by making the tooth appear longer. While the tooth may actually be the correct length, it could be covered with too much gum tissue. To correct this, your periodontist may suggest a crown lengthening to adjust the gums and expose more of the tooth beneath it. This dental procedure is done by one of the specialist prosthodontists at All Smiles Dentist to enhance the gum line and the appearance of the smile when teeth appear to be too short. Crown lengthening done at All Smiles Dentist is done in a single visit, without cuts resulting in no pain, no bleeding and no stitches.

How is crown lengthening done?

Made from a strong plastic material these smile aligners are custom made, designed to move the teeth, bit by bit until the desired movement is completed creating a more symmetrical, straight and aligned smile. Without clasps, screws and brackets, the aligner looks like a clear mouth guard, correcting the alignment smoothly, invisibly. Depending on your specific case, the thickness and rigidity of the aligner may be tweaked every two weeks. To reach the desired effect, the aligners are worn for 20 hours a day, taken out only to brush your teeth and eat.

What does the process involve?

Before crown lengthening is done, your dentist at All Smiles Dentist will evaluate the health of your teeth and gums. X-rays may be used to see how much of the tooth is hidden beneath the gum line and if these teeth are structurally damaged or decayed. Your dentist will then do professional teeth cleaning and decide which teeth need to work on. Crown lengthening can be done to one tooth, to the entire gum line or to several teeth to expose a natural, broad smile. Even if only one tooth may need lengthening, the neighbouring teeth may need to be worked on as well.

Next, your mouth will be numbed with local anaesthesia. Your dentist will then use laser to remove some of the soft tissue until enough of the tooth is exposed, and the smile appears less "gummy". Since this is done using laser rather than incisions, you will have no pain, bleeding or stitches.