Whether the tooth was lost due to periodontal disease, injury or trauma, your dentist at All Smiles Dentist can assist you in the replacement of missing teeth or gaps using dentures, bridges or implants.

The right set of teeth does not just help you keep healthy, but they also let you show off a beautiful smile. Chewing and speaking can be made considerably more complicated when a tooth or numerous teeth are missing. There are various treatments available to replace a missing tooth or make alterations to the overall appearance of your mouth, regardless of the underlying cause for missing teeth.

Be sure to make an appointment and ask us about our in-house Digital Smile Design technology to design your dream smile and give you a visual and physical idea of what your smile might look like after cosmetic dentistry.

Fortunately, there are a variety of options for replacing missing teeth, and they include:

  • Dental implants - A titanium or zirconium screw is surgically implanted into your upper or lower jaw as part of this procedure. The procedure is relatively painless, but you may experience slight vibrations during implantation. An implant takes 8-12 weeks to fully integrate into your jawbone. Thereafter, the implant is attached to a replacement tooth, allowing the tooth to remain in place. Implants can be used to replace single or multiple teeth. They can also be used to restore a mouth with no teeth in the form of an implant-supported bridge or denture.
  • Fixed bridge - A fixed bridge is a dental prosthetic or artificial tooth that fills the gap left by a lost tooth. The prosthesis is sealed in place with dental cement after being affixed to neighbouring teeth.
  • Removable Partial dentures - Replacement teeth are frequently affixed to pink or gum-coloured plastic bases in removable partial dentures. We offer Metal or Plastic options. Metal includes a plastic combination to replicate your gums.
  • (We do not perform resin bridges-these are unsafe and break during biting)
  • Removable Complete Denture -Refers to a denture that includes a full set of teeth for either your upper or lower jaw or both. These are acrylic teeth in your colour of choice that are fitted into a pink-coloured acrylic base. This prosthesis is fitted into your mouth to provide healthy function, speech and a great smile.