At All Smiles Dentist, we are passionate about welcoming young children to better their dental and oral health. Our dentists understand that many kids are scared to go to the dentist, but we aim to create a good experience for children as young as 3 years old, and strive for compassionate dental care for children of all ages. Promoting dental health among young children is important to ensure good oral hygiene for years to come. We advise that parents bring their child to see a dentist from three or four years old when their primary teeth have all erupted. At this age children should be able to understand the role of a dentist and the importance of oral hygiene can be understood.

At their first appointment, we will gently introduce them to the dentist's environment, instil the principles of good oral hygiene and give your child a clean or polish. We will make their initial visit comfortable, easy and even fun explaining each step of the treatment. Our in-house oral hygienist can give a demonstration of proper brushing and explain proper oral hygiene and how best to look after your teeth.

While a child's first visit may just involve a gentle dental cleaning, later visits may involve restoration such as fillings and fissure sealants. In more serious cases where a lot of restorative work is necessary, and your child may not be able to sit in the dentist's chair for the duration of the procedure, general anaesthetic may be considered.

By the age of 7, the permanent teeth should have come in. At this age children should be responsible for proper care of their teeth and have good dental hygiene habits. Until then, we advise parents to assist in teeth brushing to make sure your child is paying attention to the right areas and not brushing too hard or too soft. To prevent the need for restoration and any pain, children should be educated by their dentist and parents on the consequences of poor oral hygiene. Regular visits to the dentist can all prevent a variety of future dental issues.

Parents are also encouraged to watch the development of their child's teeth and see their All Smiles Dentist regularly for check-ups. Ill-alignment, overbite, underbite and malocclusions need to be fixed with early orthodontic treatments like braces, from as young as three years old.