The team at All Smiles Dentist have clinical training to treat both children and adults with crooked, misaligned teeth and malocclusions (improper bites). Braces are an orthodontic treatment to crooked teeth with metal appliance fixed to each tooth.

For children & teens

Traditional metal braces remain the most popular for children and teens, but ceramic or clear braces are also an option for those who wish for a more subtle appearance of braces. By bonding tiny brackets to the front surface of the tooth, archwires can be laced through the brackets to connect the teeth to one another. The archwire is then kept in place with colourful bands. The archwire is then adjusted by your dentist over time, slowly straightening the teeth and jaw. The duration for which braces need to be worn ranges from between 4 to 24 months depending on the complexity of the bite and teeth. After braces are removed, the teeth are monitored and maintained with a retainer (removable or fixed). It is advised to wear your retainer until at least your early 20's until the jaw has stopped growing. From there semi-annual orthodontic visits are needed to maintain the straightened smile.
Removable plates and retainers can also be used to correct malocclusions in younger children, preventing the need for long-term invasive orthodontic treatments in the future. These retainers are also more cost-effective and can be worn for 3-6 months to treat jaw and bite misalignment caused by early childhood habits like prolonged thumb and dummy sucking.

For adults

Generally, children and teens are treated with metal or ceramic braces, but that doesn't mean adults can't benefit from orthodontic treatment. Since teeth can move at any age, adults can have braces to enhance the appearance of the smile, the irregularities in teeth, fix poor bite and boost self-confidence. Braces are no longer associated with teenagers since more and more adults wish to use braces to align their teeth or jaw. In many cases, these adults had had braces when they were younger but noticed that their teeth have begun to move back to their original position gradually.

Beyond ceramic and metal braces, smile aligners, which are transparent mouth splint systems similar to clear retainers known as Invisilign, can be worn for adults as an alternative to braces, to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth. These invisible custom aligners are made to slowly straighten the teeth bit by bit by adjusting the aligner and its thickness every two weeks, offering results within 12 months.

Whether or not you or your child requires braces or orthodontic treatment, your dentist at All Smiles Dentist will be able to evaluate and assist. During your initial consultation, your dentist will be able to discuss your options and outline the duration and the cost of the proposed orthodontic treatment.