A crown, also known as a dental cap, is a cap fitted on top of the tooth, covering the entire visible part of the tooth. Crowns can be used to strengthen a tooth and prevent further damage but also to replace a damaged or misshapen tooth to enhance the appearance of the smile. With their skills in smile makeovers and cosmetic restorations, your dentist at All Smiles Dentist will be able to evaluate whether or not a crown would be best suited for you. Be sure to ask us about our in-house Digital Smile Design technology.

First visit

During our first visit, your dentist will advise you on the various cosmetic options and which may be best suited for your specific case. In cases where multiple teeth are discoloured, chipped, broken, cracked, or gapped porcelain veneers may be suggested, but where a tooth or two is blemished or misshaped, a crown may be better suited.

To prepare the tooth for a crown, your dentist will shape the tooth. To do this, the tooth may need to be filed down or built up to support the crown. After the tooth has been prepped the correct shade, size and shape are then decided, and an impression of the mouth is taken and sent to the dental technician. While the crown is being made a temporary crown may be placed to protect the newly prepped tooth.

Second visit

Once your crown is made, you will have it fitted in another appointment with our dentist. The crown is then bonded to the tooth with a bonding agent and cement.